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Inside the atomScope

Efficient instrumentation is a carefull mix of Technology, Utilization, and Economical aspects.

Optical Microscope
optical image

The Atomscope has an integrated focusable optical microscope with 500nm resolution with Darkfield and Brightfield illumination.

Probe Microscope
SPM image

The Atomscope is standard equipped with a 30 MHz cantilever pick up system and a 30 x 30 x7 um scanner with subatomic resolution.

Utilization image

The Atomscope head can be slided up and secured in a one hand movement providing plenty access to change the cantilever holder and sample disk.

Hardware Interface
Hardware image

The atomScope is open for hardware extensions of any kind by means of the open hardware interface allowing it to interact with external equipment.

Software Interface
Programming image

Software for the atomScope can directly be programmed into the Microsoft Windows environment using the C# programming language.

Programming Tutorials
Tutorial image

A series of short tutorials describe how to familiarize quickly with atomScope programming and how to create software libraries others can use.