Creation is the Innovation of Imagination

About atomScope

Hidden beneath a sheet of diffraction the realm of the Nanoscale is concealed. Only just explored by a few but holding mysteries for more than many secrets to unfold.


The atomScope project is initiated in 2012 by Paul Rutten and rolled out through Maypa technologies.
With atomScope an instrumental platform is provided that allows an easy access to and through the nanoscopic regime all the way up to the atomic brick wall.
The atomScope is developed, manufactured, and designed in the Netherlands, Europe.

Power of Creation

Besides the precision, the instrument gives the user full controll over the software and hardware allowing him/her to precisely determine how and when data is obtained and analyzed from the nanoscopic regime.
This empowers the user with the ability to create, polish, and disseminate their own methods, imaging modes, scanpatterns, data interpretations, feedback responses, pattern searches, nano digging, tip sharpening methods, and more in a quick and efficient manner.
All this with the goal of to allow anyone interested in nanoscience access to cutting edge nanoinstrumentation.


We believe that such an open and affordable nano platform like the atomScope provides the quickest and most economic route for obtaining nano based solutions for Cancer Treatment/Diagnostics and Personal Medicine.